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The Wall – Song By Song

In The Flesh?

About a minute was cut from In The Flesh? right before the album’s release. The movie restores almost 20 seconds of the missing parts.

The Thin Ice

A short piano intro from The Thin Ice was cut from the album. And the track almost became a second recurring theme for the The Wall album.

Another Brick In The Wall, Part 1

A short intro was cut from Another Brick In The Wall Part 1, a track with a fascinating evolution from concept to finished track that effected the overall story arc of The Wall.

The Happiest Days Of Our Lives

Happiest Days Of Our Lives is not on Roger Waters’ original Wall demo and was added later. It makes its first appearance by the work’s second production demo. A slightly different edit was used in the film.

Another Brick In The Wall, Part 2

How a #1 single was made. Most of the early recordings had only one verse and chorus. There was never a true extended studio version released, but some slightly longer versions were.


Mother is one of the tracks from Roger Waters’ original demo. There are a couple of great alternative and long versions of the track available.

Goodbye Blue Sky

Goodbye Blue Sky is a deceptively tranquil track that goes back to the original Wall demo. Other than the vocals, it sounded pretty much as it does on the album.

Empty Spaces

Empty Spaces was originally intended as a reprise of “What Shall We Do Now?”, sequenced before “Another Brick Part 3” near the end of Side 2.

What Shall We Do Now?

“What Shall We Do Now?” was cut just before release of The Wall. The studio version has never been released on album, CD, or digital and can only be found on the movie soundtrack.

Young Lust

Even in its edited, obscured form, this Waters/Gilmour rocker has been a rock radio staple since the album was released. Fortunately, a couple of the little-known single releases let us rebuild and hear the entire unobscured track.

One Of My Turns

A mix with a clean open and ending were released to radio stations in 1979. Here’s where to find the unobscured version.

Don’t Leave Me Now

One of the deep album cuts which propels The Wall narrative forward, it was released as the B-side of the “Run Like Hell” single in several countries.

Another Brick In The Wall, Part 3

Originally the fifth verse of a single, long Another Brick In The Wall. It’s the loudest and angriest of the three Brick songs and was rerecorded even faster, louder and angrier for The Wall movie.

Goodbye Cruel World

Halftime for The Wall. Never released on a single or one of the unobscured promo discs. Another deep album cut which propels The Wall story forward.

Hey You

“Hey You” opens the second half of The Wall. Late in production, “Hey, You” was to originally close out side 3, but was moved at the last minute before the album went for mastering. Find out why “Hey You” was one of two tracks cut from The Wall movie.

Is There Anybody Out There?

Studio musician Joe DiBlasi played the main guitar instrumental fingerstyle. In the live versions, David Gilmour plays the instrumental solo with a leather pick.

Nobody Home

Nobody Home was one of the final songs recorded for The Wall and was written and added at the last minute.


“Vera” remained mostly unchanged throughout production. In early demos of The Wall, a short snippet of Vera Lynn’s “We’ll Meet Again” is the album’s prelude instead of “Outside The Wall”.

Bring The Boys Back Home

Rerecorded for the film, there are a couple of excellent, longer versions to be found for “Bring The Boys Back Home”.

Comfortably Numb

A long version of Comfortably Numb with extended guitar solo is the holy grail of The Wall’s missing parts. Here’s where to find extended versions of the song and how this classic track almost wasn’t on Pink Floyd The Wall.

The Show Must Go On

An entire verse was cut from “The Show Must Go On”. For years, only people who saw The Wall Live shows got to hear it. The missing verse was finally released. Here’s where fo find it.

In The Flesh

This side 4 cut “In The Flesh” is a reprise of the album’s opening track. Much of what was cut from the first part was also cut from this track as well.

Run Like Hell

More than any other track on The Wall, Run Like Hell was edited to reduce running time. Fortunately, a true extended version was released radio-only on Pink Floyd Off The Wall, although it’s very hard to find.

Waiting For The Worms

Even “Waiting For The Worms” was not spared the cuts made to side 4. Here’s where to find the few seconds that were trimmed from the end.


“Stop” – How this short but key song within the narrative of The Wall also brought “Your Possible Pasts” into The Wall canon.

The Trial

Co-Producer Bob Ezrin Shares a writing credit on Pink Floyd “The Trial” for helping to transform the track from its original very dark tone into a big, over-the-top theatrical finale.

Outside The Wall

Although there are no “extended” versions of Outside The Wall, there are several excellent alternate versions, each with its own feel, including one with a snippet from one of the original demo tracks.

Spare Bricks and Wall Leftovers

Spare Brick: Your Possible Pasts

Your Possible Pasts is one of two tracks from The Final Cut with a direct connection to Pink Floyd The Wall and The Wall: Spare Bricks. It’s likely one of the original songs considered early on for The Wall but eventually rejected by the band.

Spare Brick: The Fletcher Memorial Home

The Fletcher Memorial Home is not one of the unused song concepts leftover from The Wall, but is a song that was written for The Wall: Spare Bricks album.

Wall Leftover: Sexual Revolution

Released on Roger Waters’ first solo album in 1984, Sexual Revolution was originally written for The Wall. A version of the track was recorded by the band in 1978.

Wall Leftover: Death Disco

Extremely little is known about the track “Death Disco” . It was on Roger Waters’ original demo Bricks In The Wall, but it disappeared very quickly after that.

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