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Pink Floyd The Wall

The original studio album, originally released worldwide on November 30, 1979. Released in vinyl, cassette and 8-tack tape formats, it was recorded and sequenced as a 4-side, double-LP.

The album was re-released in February 2012 in remastered form as part of the Why Pink Floyd…? marketing campaign. It was available in three different configurations: “Discovery”, “Experience”, and the “Immersion” boxset edition. The Discovery edition was simply the 2011 remaster of the original album. The Experience edition also included a single additional disc which included many of the band demo recordings from Immersion. The Immersion edition was a pricey but nicely packaged box set that included six CDs (the original double-album on two CDs, two discs of previously unreleased demos, and an excellent remaster of Is There Anybody Out There? The Wall Live 1980-81 on two CDs) and a DVD, books, art prints and replica mementos. The Why Pink Floyd…? editions have since been deleted from the catalogue, but new and used copies are still available on Amazon.

The album is currently available in physical and digital formats. I recommend buying a CD and ripping the tracks yourself for your own personal use. While the digital downloads are convenient and the Mastered for iTunes versions sound really good, having a physical CD also includes the classic Gerald Scarfe artwork. I’ve included a link to the CD below. Both the 2011 James Guthrie general release remaster and the 1994 Doug Sax UK remaster are outstanding.

Pink Floyd The Wall LP Track Listing

All songs written and composed by Roger Waters, except where noted.

Side 1

# Title Writer(s) Lead vocals Time
1  “In the Flesh?”  Waters 3:20
 2  “The Thin Ice”  Gilmour, Waters 2:27
 3  “Another Brick in the Wall (Part I)”  Waters 3:12
 4  “The Happiest Days of Our Lives”  Waters 1:51
 5  “Another Brick in the Wall (Part II)”  Gilmour, Waters 3:59
 6  “Mother”  Waters, Gilmour 5:35
Total Time: 20:24

Side 2

# Title Writer(s) Lead vocals Time
1 “Goodbye Blue Sky” Gilmour 2:47
2 “Empty Spaces” Waters 2:08
3 “Young Lust”  Waters, Gilmour Gilmour 3:30
4 “One of My Turns” Waters 3:37
5 “Don’t Leave Me Now” Waters 4:16
6 “Another Brick in the Wall (Part III)” Waters 1:14
7 “Goodbye Cruel World” Waters 1:17
Total Time: 18:49




Side 3

# Title Writer(s) Lead vocals Time
1 “Hey You” Gilmour, Waters 4:40
2 “Is There Anybody Out There?” Waters 2:42
3 “Nobody Home” Waters 3:23
4 “Vera” Waters 1:33
5 “Bring the Boys Back Home” Waters 1:27
6 “Comfortably Numb” Gilmour, Waters Waters, Gilmour 6:22
Total Time: 20:07

Side 4

# Title Writer(s) Lead vocals Time
1 “The Show Must Go On” Gilmour 1:37
2 “In the Flesh” Waters 4:16
3 “Run Like Hell” Gilmour, Waters Waters 4:24
4 “Waiting for the Worms” Waters, Gilmour 3:57
5 “Stop” Waters 0:31
6 “The Trial”  Waters, Ezrin Waters 5:19
7 “Outside the Wall” Waters 1:46
Total Time: 21:50


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