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The Wall Discography


LPs, albums, singles, bootlegs and ROIOs – sources for all of the spare bricks to restore the missing parts to complete The Wall.


Albums – Commercial

Pink Floyd The Wall

The original studio album, originally available on vinyl as a 2-LP set. This classic album has been remastered and re-released over the years.

The Final Cut

Originally planned as a soundtrack album for the 1982 film Pink Floyd The Wall. With the onset of the Falklands War, Roger Waters rewrote it as a concept album, exploring what he considered the betrayal of his father, who died serving in the Second World War.

Is There Anybody Out There? The Wall Live 1980-81

The Wall performed live with tracks selected from the August 1980 and June 1981 performances at Earls Court in London.

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Pink Floyd The Wall: Immersion

Pink Floyd The Wall: Immersion features the classic studio album digitally remastered and presented as a limited-edition, high quality boxset featuring rare and unreleased audio and video material. This is the definitive release of The Wall to date. The band demos on Discs 5 and 6 are the crown jewels of this box set. Here’s how the sequencing of the Work In Progress demos stack up to what was actually recorded.

Promo Releases

Pink Floyd Off The Wall – Special Radio Construction

A rare 1979 US 8-track, radio-friendly promo sampler LP for The Wall album distributed mainly to radio stations.

US/UK Singles

Another brick in the wall, we don't need no education, the wall, pink floyd

Another Brick In The Wall (Part II)/One Of My Turns

Originally released in the UK on November 23, 1979 — one week prior to the release of the album. The single was released in the US several weeks later on January 8, 1980.
Another brick in the wall, we don't need no education, the wall, pink floyd

Run Like Hell/Don't Leave Me Now

Originally released on April 17, 1980. It spent six weeks on Billboard’s US Singles charts and peaked at #53.
Another brick in the wall, we don't need no education, the wall, pink floyd

Comfortably Numb/Hey You

The final single released off The Wall, it was originally released on June 23, 1980. The single did not chart.
when the tigers broke free, pink floyd the wall, film, movie

When The Tigers Broke Free/Bring The Boys Back Home

Originally written for The Wall then cut, it didn’t see a release until July 26, 1982 in conjunction with The Wall movie. These single versions have never been released commercially in any digital format. A different version of “Tigers” was eventually added to The Final Cut in 2004.
not now john, hero's return, teacher teacher, the final cut, pink floyd the wall, film, movie

Not Now John (single version)/The Hero’s Return (Parts I and II)

The B-side was originally written as “Teacher, Teacher” for The Wall then cut early in production. It was later reworked and released on The Final Cut as “The Hero’s Return”. The previously-unreleased Part II of the track reveals the song’s earlier roots and was only released on this single.


pink floyd, the wall, movie, poster

Pink Floyd: The Wall

Pink Floyd – The Wall is a 1982 British live-action/animated film directed by Alan Parker with animated segments by political cartoonist Gerald Scarfe, and is based on the 1979 Pink Floyd album of the same name. The screenplay was written by Pink Floyd vocalist and bassist Roger Waters. The film contains remixed, extended, and edited versions of tracks from the album, as well as several re-recorded versions of songs.


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Building The Wall and Under Construction - The Wall Demos

Same recording, different names. An unauthorized bootleg collection of production demo tracks, probably from sometime around the third production demos. Although many of these tracks were later released in higher quality on The Wall: Immersion box set, there are still a good number of unique and interesting versions here.
divided we fall, the wall live, harvested, dvd, earls court, london, pink floyd, the wall, roger waters

DVD: Divided We Fall – The Wall Live at Earls Court

In 2004, Divided We Fall: The Wall Live at Earls Court a good-quality bootleg DVD of a complete The Wall live show surfaced. Mastered from a low-generation video tape, the picture clarity is much better than most other non-official footage of the 1980-1981 Wall live shows.
divided we fall, the wall live, harvested, dvd, earls court, london, pink floyd, the wall, roger waters

The Final Cutting: Working Demo for The Final Cut

The Final Cutting (or The Rough Cut) appears to be from a working set of demo tapes that were used as the actual blueprint for The Final Cut – the last album that Pink Floyd would release with Roger Waters in the lineup.

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