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About ‘The Wall Complete’


pink floyd, the wall, complete, extended, missing songs, teacher teacher, tigers broke free, bricks in the wallThere are many books, websites and pages about the history or analysis of Pink Floyd The Wall. Over the years, I’ve found that very little has been written about Spare Bricks, the follow-up album that almost was. This website explores those “spare bricks” — all of the missing songs and parts of songs which were leftover or cut from the original album for running time or other reasons.

This is the story of an extended, remastered, fan-created mix of The Wall which restores these missing songs and edited sections — and where to find them and listen to them to get a better overall picture of the complete Wall.

This is not about a cleaned-up edit of the movie soundtrack. It’s not another track-by-track analysis of Pink Floyd The Wall. For that, you can’t beat the excellent

This site is the result of years of research, shopping, more research, and collaboration with other Pink Floyd fans. In particular, I’d like to thank the knowledgable and passionate members of the Yeeshkul forums who have been an invaluable help in both pointing to and refining many of the details of this project.

From the sources explored here and adding a lot of my own time and a little bit of magic, I’ve been able to restore over 20 minutes of music back in to The Wall. The result is a more complete-sounding work.

About The Wall Complete and Revisionism and Whether I Should Have Touched The Wall At All

Let me stress that this is not an official release. No one connected with the band or the album has anything to do with this project. This is something I researched and put together on my own.

Let me also stress that parts of this project — my opinions, this website and the edit I sometimes reference throughout it — are revisionism. Doing things like adding songs where they weren’t before definitely goes beyond reconstruction and into revisionism. I realize this and that’s a moral and artistic choice I’ve made. Although I’ve researched everything in this site thoroughly, yes, this project suggests tinkering with The Wall we got. I understand that I’m not Roger Waters or Pink Floyd and that the band eventually signed off on this and that this was the album they released.

There are parts of this website that are basically my idea of what The Wall might have sounded like if there were no time constraints due to the LP format. So, at times yes, there is an element here of “what I would have done if I were sitting behind the board.”

So in other words, occasionally this site is not hard fact but more of a useful thought experiment. In these instances, I’ve tried to separate and be very clear about what is fact and what are my own opinions, speculations and creative choices.

In most cases, I’d agree that the album that gets released is the definitive version that best reflects the artist’s vision of what they want and it shouldn’t be tinkered with. But I don’t really think that was the case with The Wall. I think the longer, live version released on Is There Anybody Out There? better reflects the band’s vision of the work. When the live version of The Wall was released in 1999, albums were no longer limited to 21 minutes a side. There was no longer a need to cut the songs and sections that were edited from the original album. I wanted to hear the studio version of all that.

At the very least, I’ve tried to present the best information about all the songs and parts that were trimmed from the album at various times during production — beginning, during and at the end trying to cram the thing onto two vinyl discs.

Some may take issue that I added songs and tampered with the running order for the sake of this project. If so, please don’t let that get in the way of the utility of this site for you. Simply disregard the “spare bricks” and spend your time here on the other posts which can help you find the missing parts of songs which were released on the album. Ultimately, we still have The Wall. This site is designed to help you enhance it as much or as little as you’d like.

NOTE: This website references a derivative work of Pink Floyd’s art and intellectual property. It’s my personal restoration of a piece of someone else’s art. THE REEDITED WORK REFERENCED THROUGHOUT THIS WEBSITE IS NOT AN OFFICIAL RELEASE IS NOT AVAILABLE FOR SALE. Because of copyrights, there are no links to download this mix anywhere on this site. The extended version referenced here is not available anywhere for download, legitimate or otherwise. I don’t know where you can find it. You can’t get it here. Please don’t ask. I’m using my fan edit as a reference only. This website is written to help you locate the missing songs and sections of The Wall.

Any links to albums or songs on this site go to legitimate sources — iTunes, Amazon, eBay, etc. If you don’t have one, you should buy a copy of The Wall – Pink Floyd. If you’re here, it should already be an essential piece of your music collection.

If you can find one, I highly recommend The Wall: Immersion edition box set. It features the great sounding 2010 recordings remasters by James Guthrie. The demo recordings it contains are unavailable anywhere else (many of them unavailable anywhere else, including ROIOs). The tracks that also appear on the ROIOs have been remastered here and sound excellent. The books, memorabilia, and other bonuses are nice to have as well. I also recommend The Final Cut – Pink Floyd.


Let’s Get Started: Pink Floyd The Wall: An Incomplete Masterpiece 



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