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One of the original songs written for ‘The Wall’


This is one of the deep album cuts which propels the narrative forward. It’s one of the original songs written for The Wall and appears on Waters’ original demo, sequenced between “Sexual Revolution” and what would become “Another Brick In The Wall, Part 3”. Other than some polish and being recorded by the band, the song changed very little from concept to release.

It was released as the B-side of the “Run Like Hell” single in a several countries, including the US, Germany, France, Netherlands and Sweden, but not in the UK.


Alternate Versions

Pink Floyd The Wall movie (1982). This is basically the album version with different sound effects. More pronounced breathing throughout the track. Added TV sound effects. Really nice extended echo/repeat on the line “Running away…” in the second verse. Additional keyboards between verse and chorus “Oooh, babe….” Additional keyboard flourishes in chorus. The third repeat of “Ooooh, babe” was cut from the chorus. The film used different TV smash sound effects which lack the impact of the original, iconic version on the album.

Is There Anybody Out There?. (4:07) The official live album of the original The Wall tour in 1980 and1981. Live versions of all songs. Nothing different here about the structure of this one, though. The live version is pretty much the album version performed in front of an audience. There is a nice added guitar solo by David Gilmour over the chorus vocals.

“Run Like Hell” / “Don’t Leave Me Now” single (1980). (4:08) This is just the album version with no additions, edits or changes. The song fades out 8 seconds early, just before the television sound effects would come in.

Pink Floyd The Wall – Work In Progress from Pink Floyd The Wall: Immersion edition. An early, rough, bare version from pre-release production demo tapes made by the band. The foundation of the track is there, but the tempo is a little slower and lethargic. The demo segues straight into “Empty Spaces” instead of “Another Brick (Part 3)” which gives the listener an idea of what Side 2 might have sounded like if “What Shall We Do Now?” had not been cut.


Last updated: January 17, 2017

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