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A History of the Spare Bricks –
The Missing Songs From Pink Floyd The Wall

Pink Floyd The Wall was originally conceived as a triple album. Even after it had been trimmed down to a 2-LP set, at least 8 more minutes of music were cut from the album before it was released — that’s at least 10% that’s missing. This is the unofficial story of the evolution of the album, how The Wall was edited and shortened and where you can find the missing bits.

Isn’t this where you came in?

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Pink Floyd The Wall: An Incomplete Masterpiece

At least eight minutes of music were cut just before The Wall was released. There’s probably even more. Find out what happened here.

Song By Song

A track-by-track breakdown of what got cut, as well as the edited, missing, extended, and alternate versions and more.
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On The Record

The Wall discography. The albums, singles, and bootlegs to find with many of the parts which were cut from the original album.

The Wall Immersion: Work In Progress Demos

Pink Floyd The Wall: Immersion is the definitive release of the album to date. The band demos on Discs 5 and 6 are the crown jewels of this box set. Here’s how the sequencing of the Work In Progress demos stack up to what was actually recorded.